Professional Doctorate in Social Work at the University of Social Work – It could be you!

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It could be you! But, why consider taking on the extra work of doing a Prof Doc (PhD) when you are already tired, busy or feel so low in energy and confidence that the thought of studying seems a dream? Here are some answers that may make you re-think:

  • The knowledge of social work needs practitioners like you with your experience, skills, and knowledge to produce the research, recommendations and learning that advances knowledge of social work. You know the pressing issues; you know what needs changing and why.
  • A Professional Doctorate gives you opportunity to research an aspect of social work that you are passionate about and what to make a difference to. You choose the topic of your thesis!
  • A Professional Doctorate will enhance your career progression and options.
  • You are provided with motivating, inspiring academic supervisors who will support you every step of the way with.
  • Supervision sessions are arranged at times that suit your diary.
  • You will join a community of practitioners who are all working towards their Professional Doctorate; an inter-professional space of mutual peer support.
  • The University of Salford Professional Doctorate provides a flexible learning approach that fits with the realities of work/life /study balance.
  • There are flexible routes, through the Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL/APEL) system: 3 ½ year route with Research Methods (30 credits) OR a 3 year if you already have done Research Methods.
  • Evening sessions and Saturday classes (every 6 weeks) provide you with training and opportunities to network with other students in a truly diverse international inter-professional community of practice.
  • As a Professional Doctorate student who have access to the full range of University of Salford facilities: sports and leisure; social clubs; fantastic libraries; learning support packages; pastoral care and so much more.
  • Admission is open 3 times per year – September, February and May.
  • The course fees are currently £2980 per year, which is one of the best deals you will find in the sector.

It could be YOU!

Doing the Professional Doctorate at the University of Salford was a transformative experience, both professionally and personally. The academic and emotional support I received from my supervisors was fantastic and helped me sustain my passion for my research when I encountered inevitable challenges along the way.” (Dr. Annie Wood) 

For an informal, supportive and encouraging discussion about studying for your Professional Doctorate in Social Work contact Dr. Suryia Nayak, at the University of Salford, via email:

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